Views of New Zealand

This shot was taken at the Blue lakes near Rotorua, NZ. When we pulled up on the side of the road to take in this vista, I couldn’t believe what was ahead. As hard as we try to take pictures to go with the journey, most don’t entirely represent how unbelievably awesome the views are, and taking in the moment is the best thing to do …

Having met some really great people in my hostel in Rotorua, we went out with one of their friends who lives locally and he took us around to see the various lakes in the region. A short morning drive to liven up the senses and wake us up to a world full of wonder and beauty! Something we noticed is that these kind of vistas are quite prominent in New Zealand as well as Canada, and the resemblance is often very striking, to the point where you wouldn’t know in which country you were standing, looking out onto the blue of the lakes and its high-towering peaks …

“Most people look but do not see.”


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