It’s always said that Melbourne is one of those cities that is so multicultural that you could potentially find anything you could ask for here, whether its food, wines or people, it’s all here. I’d say from my stay here that it really is quite an accurate description of the place, and I can understand why a lot of people would want to move and live in a place like this!

Despite it being a huge city with 4.6 million inhabitants, it really doesn’t feel as busy as one would otherwise imagine; sure, there are cars and people everywhere, but it doesn’t compare to a place like Auckland where there is very little space to move about. The city itself is pretty spread out and is full of parks and green spaces that allow for an easy escape from the city life. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know that’s where I would most likely be spending my time during the day!

Medium-March 05, 2017
A view of Melbourne’s high-rises from across the river – on my way to the gardens.

So I spent the second day in the Royal Botanical Gardens, a 30 minute walk from the centre of town. I was there from early morning until late afternoon (at that point I got really hungry and the café in the park wasn’t sustaining my increasingly hungry stomach!) at which point I went to a lovely, yet not-so-expensive Italian restaurant on the riverside.

The Botanical Gardens had so much more to offer than I had initially imagined! The flowers, different species of trees and blossoming shrubs were eye-candy, and then there’s the wildlife. Those can only be shown in photographic evidence below! 🙂

Medium-March 05, 2017-2
Bell Miner bird
Medium-March 05, 2017-3
Bell Miner chicks
Medium-March 05, 2017-4
Cassowary bird
Medium-March 05, 2017-5

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