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Cambodia is technically my home, I know my background is all over the place! Having been born in Cambodia, I still as if this is my homeland despite the fact I still cannot speak the language and that I only lived there for about one year. My Mum has tried to teach me but unsuccessfully because of all the other stuff I was learning at the time, and I was too uninterested when I was younger to want to learn yet another language.

Anyway, this is now where my parents live since I’ve gone of to university in the UK in fall of 2014. It’s fair to say it’s a really nice place to call home now and that the weather really does beat anything you can get back in the West Midlands …

To illustrate my three weeks in Cambodia during March 2017, I made a short video featuring some of my friends who live locally and in Phnom Penh. Hope you enjoy!! (Click the link below)

A day out in Kep, Cambodia

Medium-March 26, 2017
The Cambodia crew!


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