Launched in September 2016 as I was departing for my RTW trip, this blog was designed to keep friends and family informed of where I was travelling to and how things were going at different stages of the trip. While that remains the case, it has also been a medium for me to discuss things about this trip that have really meant a lot to me.
The idea is for everyone who reads my blog (and those who don’t) to be welcome into the world of travelling and its endless beauty through my experience and that of many others. Hopefully, it will even get some of you to try it out for yourselves and see what globetrotting is all about! 

This blog was originally intended for friends and family. I used it as a medium for people to read more about my trip around the world and for family to know I was still alive … but as my journey went on, I realized I was writing for myself. There were so many things hidden away in my personality that only came out once I began travelling – and they only recently became apparent to other people thanks to the writing.
But I think there are others like me who have bottled themselves up and are too afraid to really try something new and exciting … hopefully this blog will inspire some of you to take small steps in the right direction like I have finally done! This blog is hopefully going to inspire you to travel, to see the world and take in all the richness of life, as well as appreciate the never-ending beauty of our planet (and beyond).

Medium-April 30, 2017
Black Kite. All the pictures on my blog are taken by me during this trip (unless otherwise credited). This shot was taken in Miyajima, Japan in late April 2017. 

Layout of the blog
It will mainly consist of two types of posts:

Regular updates that will feature of the home page. That’s for a quick read with some cool pictures and to keep up with where I’m currently exploring.

Longer articles that will feature in the Menu section at the top of the page. These will be more in-depth articles about the different places I’ve been to, in which there will be detailed descriptions of things that happened there as well as the ways in which I managed to travel with as much comfort and fun as possible!

I’m still fairly new to the blogging side of the internet, as well as to the world of photography, but I am an avid learner and my abilities have evolved quite significantly since starting this blog/journey, so hopefully you’ll be able to see the progress I’ve made and see for yourself that anything can be done with effort and perseverance!

Who am I?
I’m a 21 year old mechanical engineering student studying in the UK. I am born in Cambodia and have the British nationality. I spent most of my life living in France/Switzerland and had the awesome opportunity to attend international school there.
At the end of my second year in university (2016), I decided to take a year off because I was bored and unhappy with the current state of things in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for everything that’s ever happened to me and for everything that’s been given to me, but sometimes people can feel a little down and that’s how it’s been for me the last 7 years. Quite a long time to feel ‘a little down’ … Well anyway, I decided to do something I’d always wanted to do but was always too afraid of undertaking: solo travelling.
After my second year exams (which I passed, thank goodness), I told my university I’d be taking a year off and will be returning in September the following year. As you can imagine they were a bit concerned but eventually let me off on a gap year.
I’ve been travelling since then and have discovered some things about myself that only solo travel could have taught me. I learnt to adapt endlessly to new situations, new cultures, new people and incredibly different languages! It’s not all been easy going these last few months, but I have definitely become more easygoing about life in general – less stressed about the things that happen to me and even unfazed by the petty problems that arise (that in itself is a blessing). I’ve learned to just deal with them and be content that whatever the result, I will have tried my best and that’s all I can do – the rest is out of my control.

Medium-April 10, 2017

In discovering new things about me, I also found new passions. Photography is one of them, and the other is hiking in mountains.
I grew up in Switzerland and mountains are everywhere. Quite the easy fuel for a passion if you could think … but I only ever went on day hikes and usually ones that I was familiar with. On this trip, I did multi-day hikes and explored off the tracks to find spots that others had never found. Surely, this meant getting lost and very tired, but that’s part of the fun now!
Photography has helped me enjoy everything I do. It gives me a reason to go somewhere others haven’t been because I want to see, photograph and share with others what this world truly is: a never-ending story of beauty. The risks I take on the hikes and climbs aren’t always for ‘The shot’ but also because it’s a way to test myself and my confidence – something that has been considerably improved by trying new things all the time! Though I am new to photography, having started at the beginning of this trip, I quickly realized that there is so much to learn and so much fun to be had in getting to know the ins-and-outs of photography in all its styles.

What I love

Food – Volleyball – Football – Snowboarding – Hiking – Photography – Landscapes – Animals – Wild adventures – Meeting new people – Taking unexpected pictures of people to get their true expressions!

Medium-April 17, 2017
Hiking to the (nearly) top of Hotaka-san. Picture taken by Chris White. 

If someday I am travelling in your country and you have tips or would to meet up, by all means, let me know via email or social media! I usually reply very quickly!

All the best.


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