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I first arrived in Osaka at the beginning of April 2017 (yes, I chose not to fly into Tokyo!) and stayed here for about 4 days exploring the different castles, temples, shrines and numerous restaurants. I’ve had days where all I did was walk around, see a shrine and then feel hungry so I’d go eat something. The food here is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!

Osaka was my first taste of Japan and luckily I was here during the start of Sakura (world-famous Cherry Blossom season) to witness the cities and riverbanks turn pink for two weeks. Everywhere in this time, from Osaka to Hiroshima, was just perfect for the viewing of sakura.  Read More


The Land of the Rising Sun is a country that has exceeded my expectations for natural beauty and modernity. The people here have combined the best of both worlds and made this ‘small’ patch of land an incredibly different and diverse experience from anywhere else I’ve been to in the world. From the huge cities teeming with life and excitement (and tourists), to the parks in the countryside all the way to the remote mountain towns, there is a place for everyone to satisfy their needs, especially thanks to the more-than-excellent transport system in the country.  Read More

Cambodia – home

Cambodia is technically my home, I know my background is all over the place! Having been born in Cambodia, I still as if this is my homeland despite the fact I still cannot speak the language and that I only lived there for about one year. My Mum has tried to teach me but unsuccessfully because of all the other stuff I was learning at the time, and I was too uninterested when I was younger to want to learn yet another language.

Anyway, this is now where my parents live since I’ve gone of to university in the UK in fall of 2014. It’s fair to say it’s a really nice place to call home now and that the weather really does beat anything you can get back in the West Midlands … Read More

The light above

A few weeks ago I was in New Zealand and had the sudden idea of going up a mountain for sunset and then stay at the top most of the night. It was a two-hour walk from the city and the climb to the top of the mountain was an extra hour and a half. Thankfully I went there prepared for the cold, the dark and the solitude!

Sunset was absolutely unbelievable as you can see from the following pictures. I stayed at the top for a total of 9 hours completely alone and at peace with nature (albeit there were quite a lot of big bugs crawling around my feet all night haha). I started to head back down the mountain around 4am as the clouds were beginning to close in again.  Read More

Philip Island

I arrived in Melbourne with absolutely no plan whatsoever on what to do, so I contacted my Dad as he’d been here years before and he would most likely have good advice on what to do in this place. He immediately recommended Philip Island, as part of a tour group. Next thing I know, I walked into STA Travel office in Melbourne and organized a day trip to the island to see wallabies, kangaroos, views and penguins (all this for an extortionate price, though not the fault of the agency). Read More

Australia has some decent waves


Medium-March 06, 2017-5Medium-March 06, 2017-6

“Go play outside.”

I was not on the waves. I am just the photographer!

All the best.


It’s always said that Melbourne is one of those cities that is so multicultural that you could potentially find anything you could ask for here, whether its food, wines or people, it’s all here. I’d say from my stay here that it really is quite an accurate description of the place, and I can understand why a lot of people would want to move and live in a place like this! Read More

Fiji Kingfisher

Took this picture a few weeks back when I was in Fiji (currently writing the full post), only just realised I had this photo on my laptop!

Sunset over lake Taupo

This is the first of my many pictures from a few days ago. An absolutely unbelievable sunset followed by the most spectacular display of stars I’ve had the chance of seeing.

The beginning of stargazing night.

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world.”

Welcome Swallow

Picture was taken in Rotorua, New Zealand a few weeks ago. I’ve just been sifting through my photos and found this little guy among them.


I finally completed the Tongariro Crossing with my friend Ella! Thank you so much for spending time with me in Taupo and on this walk. It was a wonderful time!

Check out the full article and the best pictures of the hike that day: Tongariro Crossing (click the link!)


“I’m going to make the rest of my life
The best of my life.”