I had a short stopover on the beautiful island of Fiji at the end of January. I went there to relax a bit after the amazing time spent in Whistler, Canada … Sure enough, I got exactly what I asked for and some! I landed in Nadi and hopped on a local bus headed for Suva, the capital, to go and stay with some friends I’d met three years ago in Thailand.

Thank you Luc and Amy for having me during my stay there! Every day was new and exciting with stuff I had never imagined doing in the capital … we went to small islands just off the coast to explore; we walked through the jungle a few minutes out of the city to swim in jungle pools and waterfalls.


Fiji is a special place in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the Pacific ocean, that holds many, many wonders that we have yet to discover. The reefs, the fish and the immense density of wildlife on land and in the waters around the islands is mesmerizing to the point of impossibility. Sure, on the seafront of the capital, fish aren’t too abundant because of the outpour of city waste and pollution … but you go a few minutes out to sea and the waters are teeming with fish and corals! The video below is actually taken while I was staying at a resort further along the coast, where waters are clearer.

The scenes were so beautiful I stayed in the water with the fish for hour on end … to the point where my sunburns were incredibly painful – much to my regret.
Nonetheless, it was an experience that has made me want to explore more of the ocean than I’d ever considered before! The diversity such waters offer in terms of life and scenery is unbelievable to the point where you could think you’re on a different planet entirely.

The following pictures are from different parts of my trip in Fiji.

Luc and me on our walk through the jungles of Fiji.


Lakeside lunch.
Traditional Fijian lunch.
One of my favourite pictures of my trip: Kingfisher.

At the time of taking this picture I was still somewhat inexperienced with the Manual Mode of my camera and this resulted in me taking nearly a hundred pictures of this wonderful bird in order to capture the majestic aura this animal exerts. Some shots were underexposed while others were blurry, some were poorly composed and nearly all of them were captured with different settings – because I had little idea of the ‘ideal’ settings for bird photography. I am still inexperienced, but at the time of writing this (April 2017), I have been able to develop my skills and learn more about my camera and the general tips to improve my photography.

Rainbow over Suva.
Sunset on a stormy day … The light will always find a way to shine through darkness.
Watching sunsets is one of my favourite pastimes.
When the sun reaches that point when the sky is on fire.

Fiji is a place among many that is definitely worth visiting – but don’t expect to get the best out of it without spending a hefty chunk of cash. Some beautiful things come naturally without much forward payment, such as views, people and sunsets, but the Fijian hospitality and the nature that is offered to people visiting comes at a price: resorts, outdoor activities and excursions are anything but cheap affairs! Nonetheless, if you can, come check it out and experience the paradise that this place is!!




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