My Way

Frank Sinatra taught me to do it my way.

So, October 8th 2016. A journey of a lifetime, compressed into one short year of adventures and experiences. There is so much to look forward to, but I choose to not set myself any expectations and simply go with whatever happens. I’m fairly confident that things will go well and I’ll have the time of my life, and if they go south … well who knows, at least there’s sunshine somewhere there!

For the second time now I am packing away my belongings into boxes and bags, stowing them into confined spaces (which is actually my car) while my journey takes me to places where only one backpack will have to supplement my everyday need. In a day and age where technology is an overwhelming part of our lives, I find it surprisingly easy to leave most of it behind. My computers and TV screens, games consoles, gadgets and other useless bits of electronics will all be put into a cardboard box. The only items I will have are a must to keep in touch: my phone, my laptop (to keep this blog updated), kindle and headphones for the long plane journeys across many seas and oceans.

The few sets of clothes and shoes that I am taking with me will fit (hopefully) in a 70L rucksack for the entirety of my trip.


It has been such a big build-up (at least in my head) for this day that I sometimes forget to cherish the things I still have here, things that are here when I leave and still around when I’ll return. Family and friendship.

As the day dawns, for those reading this, I’d like to thank you all so much for being a part of my life. I know sometimes I lack the ability to communicate how I feel and what I think, and some days I wish I could have done better to make more people smile and happy; but my silence is just my way of appreciating the moments spent around you. I am more often than not, a man of few words and my passion is listening to others and what they have to share. Here are a few photos of the last few weeks in the UK …

A small part of the best team – 5 Oct. what a night though haha!
Mum & Rano (brother) – Thank you both for your selfless support my whole life. I know I’ve made some bad choices, but I’ve always picked myself up afterwards. This trip was a shock to you, and maybe you disagreed with me once upon a time, but know that wherever I am and whoever I become, the moments spent together will forever and always be remembered and wholly cherished.


Just before departure. Really going to miss you bro … even your bad puns
Prince of Wales – Oct. 7 with a real good bunch of people! Going to miss you loads Dave and Ana! 
The dream team. Thank you for being my everything!

I left Birmingham as a happy, yet a lost man. All the wonders I will come across on my journey cannot and will not overcome the feeling of belonging to something great, back at home. Now, as I set off accross seas and oceans, I start a new chapter by myself to fulfill my dream – without my best and closest friends – but I hope you will continue following this blog to share my dream with me.

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