New York, eh?

So, New York City. A pretty spectacular place, no doubt about it. I was only in the city for a day and a half, not really much time to do anything, but I’ve still got some highlights. Granted, most of those highlights come from Central Park, but I do really like that place. It’s in the city but away from the crowds and busy NYC life, an escape from reality.

I’ll be totally honest. New York City – Manhattan is a pretty special place and it really does impress me. Yet, I think I find far more comfort and happiness out among the colour and smells of nature.

View of Manhattan from Central Park
Autumn among the green
Conservatory Garden, Central Park


Once the sun started to set, I had no choice but to leave the park to head into the city. It was busy but seemingly less hectic than during broad daylight.

“Every cloud has a silver lining”
By night, this place is quite different …
Times Square. For some people, the crowds, the noise, the undying business, this is bliss. For me, I belong with nature. But it was still pretty impressive nonetheless


Not worth putting a caption here. Just too real …


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