What a wonderful world

Louis Armstrong

On the first full day of my trip, I discovered that I can quite happily handle my own company. I’ve never been one to actively seek constant companionship, but I do appreciate the warmth of other people from time to time. Granted my camera is now one of my closest companions and keeps me busy all day long, but it doesn’t take me away from appreciating my surroundings … I used to, up until recently, shun away from photographs and the effort it took to get a good shot, mainly because I am lazy and couldn’t see a necessity in using a fabricated lens rather than my own eyes. Admittedly, I must thank my mother for her passion of photography and dedicate these snaps to her.

Over the years, she spent so much time taking pictures to immortalise the moments we shared and all I could think of was ‘can we just go now?’ or ‘how many pictures can someone take of the same thing?’. Well, despite my lack of patience, I did learn to use a camera (at least half decently). Mum used to fiddle with options and exposures – things I never understood until I started taking my own photos a few months ago – and she would take forever to get a dozen snaps of one building or scenery. Needless to say, it drove me crazy, yet I paid enough attention to register the various functions of the camera and store that information somewhere far in the back of my head.

Some pictures I took on the first day in Iceland took time and lots of messing about with options of my camera (also it’s very hard not to rush photograhpy when your hands are shaking from the freezing cold winds once your gloves are off!) but all of these come from wandering around Reykjavik, mostly aimlessly.

This is actually a rare occurence of the Sun showing itself today. It didn’t last long, but I tried to make the best of it by staring right at it (probably not a smart idea …)
An early morning shot on the seaside. What I saw while taking this picture was tranquility and simplicity in a capital city. It felt quite surreal how quiet it was but it was incredibly refreshing to be away from typical big metropoles
I actually walked straight past this mural but randomly just turned around. Then I saw all these colours and I had to take a snap, or two … It is pretty amazing to find such art in a city where there isn’t always much vividness or dynamic
Modern architecture and some natural ruggedness makes for a pretty awesome combination

On my night of arrival, I went to my room and met a bunch of people and they offered me to join them for dinner and drinks in town. I met fellow travellers from the UK, Australia and an Icelandic girl from a pretty remote island called Grimsey … it’s so remote there are only 65 people on the island and it takes a ferry 3 hours to get there!

But anyway, here’s a picture of us on my first night out in the capital!


First day of arrival and I’m already out with people I met in the Hostel! Not a bad start. Brits, Australians and Icelandic all in one small group. (from left to right: Miles, David, Alli, [can’t rememeber], Briony, Lilja, Sam)
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